Toddler Bedtime Battles – 8 Tips To Avoid Them

Much as they might tell you otherwise, toddlers need on average 11 – 13 hours’ sleep each day. That’s a lot of sleep! And if they have to be up for kindergarten or playgroup in the morning, you need to find a groove with bedtime to ensure they get enough.

If you thought baby bedtime battles were bad, you’re in for a shock. Toddlers are masters of negotiation (‘five more minutes please’) and could write a series of bestselling books on how to delay bedtime.

From requesting another drink to begging for another story, your toddler has got all the skills necessary to set bedtime back by at least an hour each night.

After a long day at work, whether that’s in a busy office or at home with your kids, you can be forgiven for shedding a few tears as you feel your evening slowly but surely disappear. It’s not a nice feeling to be clock-watching under a restless toddler when you should be collapsed on the sofa downstairs.

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